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Tobogganing is a popular winter activity in Germany. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the thrill of racing down snowy hills on sledges, toboggans or modern twists on the traditional wooden sledge.

Whether in city parks or on dedicated sledging hills in mountainous areas, there are plenty of places to enjoy this winter pastime throughout Germany.

Here are some of the most popular tobogganing spots and regions in Germany:


Bavarian Alps:

Wallberg near Tegernsee:
This offers one of the longest toboggan runs in Germany at around 6.5km.
Schlittenberg in Aschau im Chiemgau:
A popular spot with a lift to take sledgers back to the top.
Blomberg near Bad Tölz:
At around 5km long, it’s one of the longer runs and offers tobogganing day and night.

Black Forest:

Todtnauer Hasenhorn Rodelbahn:
As well as natural snow tobogganing, there is an all-weather toboggan run, a metal track that provides a rollercoaster-like experience.

Harz Mountains:

Bocksberg in Hahnenklee:
It has a toboggan run and even a lift for sledges.
Known for its wide open spaces, ideal for sledging.


Although best known for skiing, there are plenty of opportunities for tobogganing around the town.
Kahler Asten:
A popular hill for tobogganing due to its altitude and snow reliability.

Thuringian Forest:
Numerous smaller hills and trails are scattered throughout this region, making it ideal for family outings.

City parks and hills:

Even outside the mountainous regions, many German cities have local parks or hills where residents can enjoy sledging after a good snowfall. Examples include the Olympiaberg in Munich, Volkspark Friedrichshain in Berlin and Löwenbastion in Hanover.

Sledging is fun, but it’s important to be careful:

– Always make sure the track is clear of obstacles.
– Check whether the sledge run crosses any ski runs or footpaths.
– Wear appropriate winter clothing, including gloves and a hat. Some people choose to wear helmets, especially children.
– Make sure the sled is in good condition.

Wherever you choose to go tobogganing in Germany, you’re likely to find a delightful combination of scenic beauty and exhilarating fun.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, sledging is a timeless activity that brings joy and laughter to the winter season.

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