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Relocation Service Stuttgart

Stuttgart is well known as the home town of two renowned automobile manufacturers - Daimler and Porsche. The mild climate allows wine-growing and even within the city you can find vineyards.
The price of rent varies a lot depending on the neighborhood; in 2022 the average price per square meter is around 19 euros.

If you are looking for an expert who will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire relocation and immigration process in Stuttgart, then BLUE global relocation is who you are looking for.

Our aim is to ensure that you can relax and focus on your own work while we take care of all the relocation details. We understand that anybody relocating – especially if it is for the first time – might feel unsure and nervous. Our team of empathetic, caring and attentive relocation experts will put together the services that fit your individual needs and carry out the relocation process in an efficient and structured way, always keeping in close contact with HR.  Needless to say that in a modern company, we rely on digital means of communication to ensure information is passed on promptly.

Relocation Service Stuttgart

Home search, look & see trip, opening a bank account, changing a driving license or departure services – our tailormade relocation services offer exactly the support you need. We take care of it all.

Immigration Service Stuttgart

Immigration requirements and regulations can be very confusing. BLUE global relocation will fill in all the forms and applications according to your details, arrange your appointments and accompany you to the authorities.

BLUE global relocation

Why BLUE global relocation?

Support and guidance throughout the entire relocation and immigration process
Personal and empathetic services from start to finish
Individually tailored relocation and immigration services 

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