The best clean eats in the Bundesrepublik

Germany may be known for its sausage and schnitzel, but plant-based diets are on the rise in a big way in the Bundesrepublik. In fact, according to a 2020 study by Chef’s Pencil, an international website reporting on news and trends in the restaurant industry, Germany is currently the sixth best country in the world for vegans.

Impressively, four German cities made the list of top 15 cities for vegans worldwide. Berlin and Hamburg share the number 5 spot in a three-way tie with Amsterdam, Leipzig is tied with Vancouver for 7th place, and Cologne stands alone in 10th.

With so much passion and ingenuity driving the vegan and vegetarian restaurant scene in Germany right now, it was impossible to limit our list of the country’s best plant-based restaurants to one pick per city, and it was an exercise in clear judgment and stoic restraint not to include more than two.

Here, then, are our picks for the two absolute must-try vegan and vegetarian restaurants in each of Germany’s ten most populous cities. (I myself am about to head over to Sam’s Falafel for the best vegetarian sandwich in Munich.)




1990 Vegan Living (Vegan)
Krossener Str. 19
10245 Berlin
1990 Vegan Living

FREA (Vegan)
Kleine Hamburger Str. 2
10115 Berlin


Chum Chay (Vegan)
Friesenwall 29
50672 Köln
Chum Chay

Udum Vegan Restaurant (Vegan)
Am Rinkenpfuhl 55
50676 Köln



Lord (Vegan & Vegetarian)
Gerberstraße 1
44135 Dortmund

West Vegan und Veggie Restaurant (Vegan & Vegetarian)
Phoenixplatz 3
44263 Dortmund
West Vegan


Bhojans Traditional & Authentic South Indian 100% Vegetarian (Vegan & Vegetarian)
Grunerstraße 38
40239 Düsseldorf

Sattgrün (3 locations) (Vegan)

Hoffeldstraße 18
40235 Düsseldorf

Brückenstraße 12
40221 Düsseldorf

Graf-Adolf-Platz 6
40213 Düsseldorf


Restaurant Farbenfroh (Vegan)
Paulinenstraße Ecke, Franziskastraße 69
45130 Essen

Sattgrün (Vegan)
Rathenaustraße 2
45127 Essen


Dominion Food Revolution (Vegan)
Grüneburgweg 41
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Lindleystraße 17
60314 Frankfurt am Main


Apple & Eve Vegan & Natural (Vegan)
Schanzenstraße 107
20357 Hamburg
No website

TA Vegan House (Vegan)
Reimaurusstraße 13
20459 Hamburg
TA Vegan house


GAO Vegan Restaurant (Vegan)
Zentralstraße 1
04109 Leipzig

Zest (Vegan)
Bornaische Str. 54
04277 Leipzig


Bodhi (Vegan)
Ligsalzstraße 23
80339 München

Sam’s Falafel (Vegan & Vegetarian)
Augustenstraße 62
80333 Münche
Sams Falafel



Körle und Adam (Vegan)
Feuerbacher-Tal-Straße 31
70469 Stuttgart
Körle und Adam

La Sante (Vegan)
Frösnerstraße 2
70372 Stuttgart
La Sante

About the Author Kevin Wiesehahn

Kevin Wiesehahn is a New York expat living in Munich. He studied Literature and Philosophy at the University of Massachussetts, Amherst,
and earned a master’s degree in Anglistik from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.
Kevin is one of the newest members of the Blue Global Relocation family, where he works as Immigration Team Assistant and Social Media Content Developer.
In his spare time, he enjoys reading German philosophy, riding BMX and cooking.

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