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Camping in Germany

Camping is a popular activity in Germany, with a wide range of campgrounds and camping options available. From the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas to the forests of Bavaria and the mountains of the Alps, there’s a great variety of natural beauty to explore.



There are many campsites across Germany, from large sites with a full range of facilities (like electricity hook-ups, showers, laundry facilities, and on-site shops or restaurants), to smaller, more basic sites. Many campsites are located in scenic areas near forests, lakes, or beaches.

Caravan Sites:
For those traveling with caravans or motorhomes, there are many sites across Germany specifically designed for these types of vehicles, offering necessary services like electricity and water supply, as well as waste disposal stations.

Wild Camping:
Wild camping, or setting up camp outside of designated campsites, is generally not allowed in Germany. This is to protect the environment and prevent disturbances to wildlife. There are exceptions for certain areas or situations, but it’s always important to check local regulations.

Camping Parks and Glamping:
For those looking for a bit more comfort, there are camping parks that offer cabins, mobile homes, or “glamping” (glamorous camping) options with more luxurious accommodations.

Camping in Nature Parks or National Parks:
Germany has numerous nature parks and national parks, some of which have camping sites. However, it’s important to respect all park rules and regulations to protect the natural environment.

Farm Camping:
Some farms in Germany allow camping on their property, offering a unique way to experience the countryside.

When planning your camping trip, remember to consider the time of year. Many campsites are seasonal and may be closed or have limited facilities outside of the main summer months. Always ensure you have a valid camping permit if required, and follow all campsite rules and regulations.

Websites like or the German Camping Club (Deutscher Camping-Club e.V.) provide comprehensive databases of campsites in Germany, including descriptions, ratings, and information about facilities.

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