Business Sustainability – it starts with us!

We are very excited to share with you a collaborative work by Relocation Africa, Bristol Global Mobility and BLUE global relocation on Sustainability in our businesses and industry. This document looks into each company’s journey across different continents in trying to be more a sustainable business, along with both the challenges and solutions that we each have put in place.


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We hope that this guide will help highlight our efforts in sustainability, but to also highlight the need for communication and collaboration between companies in the journey towards better sustainability practice throughout the world. We truly welcome any feedback that you might have and thank you for your time in reading through it.

About the Author BLUE global relocation

At BLUE global relocation, we are a team of immigration and relocation experts with many years of experience – several of us have lived abroad ourselves and know first-hand what it means to be confronted with having to find a new home and acclimatizing in a new culture. We speak a total of over ten different foreign languages and have almost the same number of different nationalities in our team. This background provides us with a high level of intercultural understanding and skills that are valuable for our daily work.

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